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Fox Control

Daytime Shooting :

This is best done at dawn or dusk this can be done couple of ways; you can sit in a hide and wait for the fox to turn up if there is natural prey about i.e. free range chickens. Or can leave bait in such places you know that the foxes will find so giving you a shot from your hide.

If you got use of a high seat set up you can call foxes in to range for the lethal shot from a long way off. 



This is achieved by the use of a high powered artificial light that when shined at a Fox their eyes light up, so with a quick flick round the field you are lamping gives you the opportunity pick out any fox about, you can then call it into range you then flick the lamp back on pointing at your chosen target giving you the time to place a humane shot.

This can be very affective from a high seat


Live Catch Non-Locking Snare:

We only use snares approved by GWCT

Snares are particularly a tool of spring and summer when other methods of fox control become impractical because of the growth of vegetation cover, especially among arable crops. Foxes unthinkingly follow existing tracks if they offer easier walking

The breeding season of foxes coincides, naturally enough, with that of their prey.


Snares are securely fixed in the runs and tracks used by foxes at the correct height to capture the fox holding it securely in place without strangulation were it humanely dispatched with a firearm


Perdix DB Snare:

It is a modern fox cable restraint that is highly effective at catching and holding foxes and includes a breakaway link to allow heavier non-target animals to escape easily. The stop is fixed at 26cm from the eye, which also allows smaller non-target species to escape. The DB snare is designed to be fully compliant with the advice given in Defra’s  Code of Practice on fox snaring.

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