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Products & Services

Supplying a very competitive and reliable service covering
Domestic dwellings
Farmland / Railway embankments 
Golf courses / Garden centres
School / Church / recreational grounds 
Any Questions please don't hesitate to contact us 
Rat / House Mouse
Mole control

Commercial Sites / Domestic Dwellings

Professional eradication campaign using lethal non chemical methods / bait stations and Rodenticides 



We offer a break back trapping service for small rat infestations.

Garden Sheds etc

Wasp nest control

We offer a professional service at competitive prices 

with satisfaction guaranteed  

Rabbit control

We only ever use traditional traps when trapping moles we never use poisons

We operate a no mole no fee service

We cover both domestic /commercial sites

Grey Squirrel control

Trapping with the use of tunnel traps

Shooting with powerful air rifles


Roost Shooting

Larsen trap

Multi catch trap

Professional bird spikes supply and install

  • Ferreting

Ferreting - A much more natural method of rabbit control, as practiced by humans for hundreds of years. Using our highly trained Ferrets and dogs we can clear a whole warren in know time at all. All warrens and situations are different. But in most cases we can ferret 4 medium sized warrens in 1 hour, and can end up with 20+ rabbits being dispatched.  

  • Lamping

Shooting at night with the aid of a powerful artificial light is another productive method of control, one of our licenced riflemen will generally take up to 10 rabbits in an hour session - though this is not guaranteed.  

Lamping using a lurcher not as productive as ferreting or shooting, It's more sporting but can still produce some good results 

  • Bushing

Using Terriers to flush the rabbits for the lurchers to catch can be used in conjunction with ferreting

  • Long netting

Mainly used in conjunction with ferreting

  • Live catch traps 

The live cage trap enables you to release non target animals uninjured 

Fox control
  • Live catch snares 

We only use snares approved by GWCT

Why snares are considered important

Snares are particularly a tool of spring and summer when other methods of fox control become impractical because of the growth of vegetation cover, especially among arable crops. The breeding season of foxes coincides, naturally enough, with that of their prey. The food demands of growing cubs are far greater than the maintenance requirements of adults. So to protect prey species that are especially vulnerable to fox predation, like ground-nesting birds, fox control in spring and summer is crucial.


  • Shooting         

  • shooting can be done at dawn or dusk or by lamping at night 

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