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Rabbit Control



Professional ferreting is a very productive form of controlling Rabbits, with our team of ferrets bolting the rabbits to well placed purse nets or long nets when it’s not possible to use purse nets or combination of the two.


Bolting Rabbits for dogs to catch can be productive as some dogs have the ability to pick up rabbits before they’ve had chance to set off from their burrows, also there’s always the thrill of the chase no matter how good the dogs are their always the ones that get away.

A sporting alternative


This is achieved by the use of a high powered artificial light that when shined at a rabbit their eyes light up, so with a quick flick round the field  you are lamping gives you the opportunity pick your quarry you then flick the lamp back on pointing at your chosen rabbit giving you the time to place a humane shot to the head .

It’s the same procedure when lamping using dogs only you let loose of the dog instead of squeezing the trigger our well trained dogs will run to the rabbit if it is squatting pick it up out it seat then the lamp is turned off the dog returns to hand with the rabbit live to hand of the keeper of the dog to humanely dispatch. The advantage of using a dog to lamp is the dog will course the rabbit when it makes a run for safety. Our trained dogs always returns to hand once the lamp is switched off so not to scare any other rabbits that might be out in the field

Both ways of lamping can be very productive

Live catch traps:

Live catch traps placed in a field frequented by rabbits can produce good results.


Longnets come in different lenths ranging from 25 to 100 yards they stop rabbits by blocking their escape route and entangling them when they hit the net.

Their can be very useful when controlling large rabbit infestations.

They are useful to surround inaccessible burrows and awkward areas or even a complete field at harvest time   

Some more ways of control

Shooting with high powered air rifles: 

Bushing: Flushing Rabbits from cover

-for lurchers to catch 

-to be shot with a shot gun   

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