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Rodent Proofing

House Mouse

They can climb vertical surfaces, survive without water .

Mice are constantly searching for a potential nest or a free meal, and will relentlessly scout the perimeter of your property for any gaps they can squeeze through which only needs to be 6mm.

This is often given away by rice-sized droppings or smearing – greasy marks left over where mice have rubbed up against walls and floors.


Norway Rat

They can climb vertical surfaces with the use of supporting materials ,For example they can use a drain pipe and arch their backs to allow sufficient 'purchase' to shimmy up the wall to gain vertical access.They will also use climbing material such as trellises against a property to gain access.

There will be droppings or smearing – greasy marks left over where mice have rubbed up against walls and floors.

Both spieces carry Diseases cause severe and dangerous damage to property and belongings with their constantly growing, razor-sharp teeth, making them a stubborn and distressing pest


Rodent proofing is the only way to ensure that more rodents do not enter your premises after a treatment.


Some of the products we use:


Micromesh grills that don’t block air flow but are impossible for mice to gnaw through, perfect for blocking air bricks or any ventilation that you don’t want to seal up completely.



Professional Xcluder door sweeps to seal up gaps under doors,providing a barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents and other pests. The reinforced neoprene rubber provides a durable weatherseal that can pay for itself in energy savings.

Malleable, rodent-proof fillers made by Rat Pak, industry leaders in pest control. These fillers are impossible to gnaw through and just as sturdy as normal construction materials, completely sealing gaps, holes and cracks.

Mouse Stop

  • Animal friendly paste to seal seams, cracks & holes

  • Non-Toxic

  • Waterproo

Mouse Shield

The gap filler is completely non-toxic.

This means it is suitable for use in the foodstuff industry and areas where food products are processed.

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